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There are some beautiful things being done out there with decorative concrete finishes - flagstone, terrazzo, and marble looks achieved at a third of the cost. But the key to success is in the skilled preparation of your concrete beforehand. Jim Sander Company is the leader in "dustless" concrete surface preparation and has 22 years experience prepping retail spaces (from small Beverly Hills boutiques to 10,000 sq. ft. showrooms) to receive the paints and dyes that go into creating these looks. Call for our hourly rates and a telephone estimate.

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flooring removal
dustless shot blasting
dustless diamond grinding
bobcat hard demolition

JSC's terrazzo grinding gives a polished, open look to Divan + Studio in La Jolla.

A nice, even, light terrazzo ground finish makes an easily maintained floor at Moondoggies bar.

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Heavy terrazzo grinds are available or light grinds for light exposure.

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Elastomeric stripping cut up waterproofing on parking deck and was followed by dustless diamond grinding to remove residue.

Dustless diamond grinding of high spots in preparation for laying of wood floor.

With our 863 and 453 Bobcats with 02 purifiers, flooring removal is a breeze.

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Gallery space with dustless light terrazzo ground finish.
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