JSC - Since 1981, 1 (800) DUST OUT Jim Sander Company - over 25 million square feet of concrete cleaned
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Lic. #655846
(619) 659-1051
San Diego, California

Dustless shot blasting
Jim's crew shot blasts 10 miles of striping at Novosibirsk, Oblast Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. See our rigorous safety program.

The Sander Patented Dustless Shotblasting System
flooring removal
dustless shot blasting
dustless diamond grinding
bobcat hard demolition
Jim Sander Company was created 22 years ago as the first business to offer dedicated dustless concrete surface preparation services. It all started in '79 when Jim's father (company history cont...)

See JSC in action!
shot blasting
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flooring removal
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JSC - 1 800 DUST OUT - Since 1981
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